Professional VIN Decoder

Type 17 digits of your vehicles identification number.

Active brands:
BMW Mercedes-Benz Mini LAND ROVER Ford Volvo Opel

Outvin is the VIN decoder service. Every vehicle has a unique vehicle identifier number - VIN. Vin number contains information about the car, such as its options, model, production date, engine and transmission type, and more. Outvin allows a user to check the specification of the car and get detailed information about vehicles.

Update regarding VAG group

We are planning to change data source for VAG group vehicles, including Porsche - this means stable data access without restrictions but with increased price. 
From now on request for VAG group vehicles will cost 2 credits, access will be restored in February. 
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Opel / Volvo vin decoder

Added vin decoder for Opel and Volvo.